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99 Balls is my first attempt at writing a game for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (using the fantastic SGDK).

It has been tested and verified in several emulators for PAL and NTSC, and on first generation Mega Drive hardware via a Mega Everdrive.

How to play:

The goal is to turn all 99 balls on the screen green. Move the cursor with the D-pad, and use button A, B or C to flip the colour of all adjacent balls from red to green or vice-versa. It's harder than it sounds!

Install instructions

The downloaded .bin file is a ROM that can be played in any Mega Drive / Genesis emulator, or directly on actual hardware using something like a Mega Everdrive.

Simply load the .bin file into your emulator (or copy it to the SD card in your Mega Everdrive).

If you're looking for an emulator, I highly recommend BlastEm (available for Windows, Linux or OSX) which can be downloaded from https://www.retrodev.com/blastem/


99Balls.bin 128 kB

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